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2016 Volleyball Schedule
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Schedule for 2016-17 Volleyball
 DayTime OpponentScore Record 
 307:00 PM vs. Midway UniversityW-25-18,25-18,25-18Photo Gallery1-0 Details
 23:30 PM vs. West Virginia TechL-25-22,23-25,18-25,25-20,13-151-1 Details
 Marietta College Tournament
 5:30 PM vs. Bluefield CollegeW-17-25,17-25,27-25,21-252-1 Details
 Marietta College Tournament
 312:00 PM vs. Thiel CollegeL-25-22,25-23,20-25,25-192-2 Details
 Marietta College Tournament
 2:00 PM @ Marietta CollegeL-25-12,25-18,25-132-3 Details
 Marietta College Tournament
 67:00 PM vs. University of PikevilleL-25-21,19-25,24-26,25-19,13-15Photo Gallery2-4 Details
 97:00 PM @ Moody Bible InstituteW-23-25,19-25,15-253-4 Details
101:00 PM vs. Grace Bible CollegeW-16-25,16-25,22-254-4 1-0Details
 @ Moody Bible Institute
 3:00 PM @ Moody Bible InstituteW-16-25,25-23,13-25,9-255-4 Details
 137:00 PM vs. Berea CollegeW-25-14,25-17,25-17Photo Gallery6-4 Details
167:00 PM vs. Alice Lloyd CollegeW-25-10,25-10,25-117-4 2-0Details
1712:00 PM vs. Johnson UniversityW-25-16,25-11,25-138-4 3-0Details
 4:00 PM vs. University of Rio GrandeL-12-25,20-25,16-258-5 Details
 207:00 PM @ Midway UniversityW-20-25,15-25,14-259-5 Details
 231:00 PM vs. Central Christian CollegeW-16-25,23-25,17-2510-5 Details
 @ College of The Ozarks
 5:00 PM vs. Evangel UniversityL-22-25,25-19,25-11,25-1310-6 Details
 @ College of The Ozarks
 2410:00 AM vs. Central Methodist UniversityL-25-13,25-15,25-2110-7 Details
 @ College of The Ozarks
 2:00 PM @ College of the OzarksL-25-14,25-15,25-1610-8 Details
 @ College of The Ozarks
276:30 PM @ Appalachian Bible CollegeW-26-28,15-25,13-2511-8 4-0Details
 307:00 PM vs. Crown CollegeW-25-14,25-5,25-11Photo Gallery12-8 Details
47:00 PM vs. Boyce CollegeW-25-12,25-15,25-11Photo Gallery13-8 5-0Details
 810:00 AM @ Widener UniversityL-25-21,25-18,23-25,25-1413-9 Details
12:00 PM vs. Lancaster Bible CollegeW-22-25,17-25,14-2514-9 6-0Details
 @ Widener University
92:00 PM @ Valley Forge ChristianW-13-25,11-25,13-2515-9 7-0Details
117:00 PM @ Alice Lloyd CollegeW-10-25,16-25,15-2516-9 8-0Details
 147:00 PM vs. Ohio Valley UniversityL-20-25,24-26,25-21,16-25Photo Gallery16-10 Details
 187:00 PM @ Berea CollegeW-17-25,26-24,13-25,23-2517-10 Details
215:00 PM vs. Appalachian Bible CollegeW-25-7,25-9,25-10Photo Gallery18-10 9-0Details
 Senior Night
9:00 PM vs. Welch CollegeW-25-5,25-3,25-1119-10 10-0Details
 Senior Night
 257:00 PM @ University of PikevilleL-25-22,15-25,34-32,25-2319-11 Details
 287:00 PM @ Crown CollegeW-9-25,16-25,13-2520-11 Details
2912:00 PM @ Johnson UniversityW-13-25,11-25,15-2521-11 11-0Details
17:00 PM @ Boyce CollegeW-17-25,17-25,11-2522-11 12-0Details
312:00 PM vs. Boyce CollegeW-25-9,25-6,25-1623-11 13-0Details
4:00 PM vs. Great Lakes Christian CollegeW-25-2,25-7,25-424-11 14-0Details
 410:00 AM vs. Valley Forge ChristianW-25-14,25-14,25-2125-11 Details
4:00 PM vs. Johnson UniversityW-25-6,25-14,25-726-11 15-0Details
 Mideast Region Semi-Final
512:00 PM vs. Grace Bible CollegeW-18-25,25-17,25-15,25-2027-11 16-0Details
 Mideast Region Championship
 87:00 PM @ University of Rio GrandeL-25-15,25-14,23-25,25-1527-12 Details
 121:00 PM @ Ohio Valley UniversityL-25-12,25-16,26-2427-13 Details
 172:00 PM vs. Arlington Baptist CollegeW-25-21,25-18,25-1428-13 Details
 NCCAA II National Volleyball Tournament
 6:00 PM vs. Manhattan Christian CollegeW-25-5,25-13,25-1729-13 Details
 NCCAA II National Volleyball Tournament
 1812:00 PM @ Providence CollegeL-25-21,25-19,20-25,29-2729-14 Details
 NCCAA II National Volleyball Tournament
 5:30 PM @ Maranatha Baptist Bible CollegeL-25-19,25-21,25-1329-15 Details
 NCCAA II National Volleyball Tournament - National Semi-Final
2016 JV Volleyball Schedule
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  • % Scrimmage
  • ^ Exhibition
  • Home events are in bold
Team schedule for JV Volleyball has not been entered.