KCU Knights
2017 Softball Schedule
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Schedule for 2016-17 Softball
 DayTime OpponentScore Record 
11:00 PM vs. Ohio Christian UniversityNo Team ScorePhoto Gallery Details
Game 2 vs. Ohio Christian UniversityNo Team Score Details
 249:00 AM @ (16)Reinhardt UniversityL-0-70-1 Details
 11:00 AM vs. (13)Georgia Gwinnett CollegeL-2-13 (5 Innings)0-2 Details
 259:00 AM vs. (14)Martin MethodistL-1-120-3 Details
 11:00 AM vs. Point UniversityL-2-8 (7 Innings)0-4 Details
 92:00 PM vs. (RV)Georgetown CollegeL-0-6Photo Gallery0-5 Details
 Game 2 vs. (RV)Georgetown CollegeL-6-170-6 Details
 101:00 PM vs. (12)Campbellsville UniversityL-0-110-7 Details
 Lindsey Wilson/Campbellsville Crossover
 6:00 PM @ (8)Lindsey WilsonL-2-10 (6 Innings)0-8 Details
 Lindsey Wilson/Campbellsville Crossover
 119:30 AM @ (12)Campbellsville UniversityCanceled0-8 Details
 Lindsey Wilson/Campbellsville Crossover
 1:30 PM vs. (15)Davenport UniversityCanceled0-8 Details
 Lindsey Wilson/Campbellsville Crossover
 1311:30 AM @ South SuburbanL-2-50-9 Details
 Myrtle Beach Spring Break Tourney
 1:30 PM vs. Genesee CCW-11-0 (5 Innings)1-9 Details
 Myrtle Beach Spring Break Tourney
 149:30 AM vs. Pitt CCL-9-121-10 Details
 Myrtle Beach Spring Break Tourney
 1:30 PM vs. Spalding UniversityW-12-4 (5 Innings)2-10 Details
 Myrtle Beach Spring Break Tourney
 169:30 AM vs. Prairie State CollegeW-4-33-10 Details
 Myrtle Beach Spring Break Tourney
 1:30 PM vs. South SuburbanL-2-73-11 Details
 Myrtle Beach Spring Break Tourney
 171:30 PM vs. Harper CollegeW-16-0 (5 Innings)4-11 Details
 Myrtle Beach Spring Break Tourney
 3:30 PM vs. Florence-Darlington Technical CollegeW-10-2 (6 Innings)5-11 Details
 Myrtle Beach Spring Break Tourney
 202:00 PM vs. Ohio Christian UniversityRAIN5-11 Details
 Game 2 vs. Ohio Christian UniversityRAIN5-11 Details
 212:00 PM @ (24)University of Rio GrandePostponed5-11 Details
 Game 2 @ (24)University of Rio GrandePostponed5-11 Details
242:00 PM vs. Sinclair CollegeCanceled5-11 0-0Details
 4:00 PM vs. Sinclair CollegeCanceled5-11 Details
 2511:00 AM vs. (5)Georgia Gwinnett CollegeCannonsburg, KY Details
 Game 2 vs. (5)Georgia Gwinnett CollegeCannonsburg, KY Details
 272:00 PM vs. Indiana University SoutheastCannonsburg, KY Details
 Game 2 vs. Indiana University SoutheastCannonsburg, KY Details
 33:00 PM @ (24)University of Rio GrandeGallipolis, OH Details
 Game 2 @ (24)University of Rio GrandeGallipolis, OH Details
 62:00 PM vs. Shawnee State UniversityCannonsburg, KY Details
 Game 2 vs. Shawnee State UniversityCannonsburg, KY Details
 103:00 PM @ Ohio Christian UniversityCircleville, OH Details
 Game 2 @ Ohio Christian UniversityCircleville, OH Details
 112:00 PM vs. (6)Campbellsville UniversityCannonsburg, KY Details
 Game 2 vs. (6)Campbellsville UniversityCannonsburg, KY Details
 142:00 PM vs. (24)University of Rio GrandeCannonsburg, KY Details
 Game 2 vs. (24)University of Rio GrandeCannonsburg, KY Details
 172:00 PM @ Shawnee State UniversityPortsmouth, OH Details
 Game 2 @ Shawnee State UniversityPortsmouth, OH Details
 202:00 PM @ (6)Campbellsville UniversityCampbellsville, KY Details
 Game 2 @ (6)Campbellsville UniversityCampbellsville, KY Details
 212:00 PM vs. Hiwassee CollegeCannonsburg, KY Details
 Game 2 vs. Hiwassee CollegeCannonsburg, KY Details
 2212:00 PM @ (RV)Georgetown CollegeGeorgetown, KY Details
 Game 2 @ (RV)Georgetown CollegeGeorgetown, KY Details