KCU Knights
2016-17 Women's Basketball Schedule
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  • ^ Exhibition
  • Home events are in bold
Schedule for 2016-17 Women's Basketball
 DayTime OpponentScore Record 
151:00 PM vs. TBANo Team Score Details
 Alumni Game
278:00 PM vs. Ohio Christian UniversityNo Team Score Details
 287:00 PM vs. Bluefield CollegeW-Forfeit Visitor1-0 Details
 16:00 PM vs. Alice Lloyd CollegeL-57-61Photo Gallery1-1 Details
 47:00 PM @ Southern States Community CollegeW-91-522-1 Details
 512:00 PM vs. St. Mary-of-the-Woods CollegeW-96-813-1 Details
 Southern State Community College Classic
 87:00 PM vs. (RV)Asbury UniversityL-57-69Photo Gallery3-2 Details
 116:00 PM vs. Pensacola ChristianW-69-544-2 Details
 Johnson University Classic
 122:00 PM @ Johnson UniversityW-77-655-2 Details
 Johnson University Classic
 156:00 PM vs. Indiana University SoutheastL-53-675-3 Details
 191:00 PM @ Miami-MiddletownW-72-636-3 Details
28  @ Morehead StateL-52-100 Details
 16:00 PM vs. University of Cincinnati-ClermontW-73-64Photo Gallery7-3 Details
 Super 8 Classic
 26:00 PM vs. Grace Bible CollegeW-72-50Photo Gallery8-3 Details
 Super 8 Classic
 35:00 PM vs. Johnson UniversityW-72-629-3 Details
 Super 8 Classic
 102:00 PM vs. Midway UniversityL-59-679-4 Details
 163:00 PM vs. (5)Marian UniversityL-54-989-5 Details
 Keiser University Classic
 171:00 PM @ Sterling CollegeL-60-849-6 Details
 Keiser University Classic
 51:00 PM vs. Pensacola ChristianW-72-5510-6 Details
 Piedmont International University Classic
 61:00 PM vs. Valley Forge ChristianL-53-5410-7 Details
 Piedmont International University Classic
 71:00 PM vs. Piedmont International UniversityCanceled10-7 Details
 Piedmont International University Classic
 106:00 PM @ Alice Lloyd CollegeW-80-7611-7 Details
206:00 PM vs. Welch CollegeW-77-68Photo Gallery12-7 1-0Details
 2017 Winter Homecoming
 278:00 PM vs. Valley Forge ChristianW-63-59Photo Gallery13-7 Details
 KCU Classic
 281:00 PM vs. Southern States Community CollegeW-71-4914-7 Details
 KCU Classic
 317:00 PM vs. Berea CollegeL-63-66Photo Gallery14-8 Details
 27:00 PM @ University of PikevilleL-52-7914-9 Details
 41:00 PM vs. Miami-MiddletownL-64-7014-10 Details
105:00 PM @ Welch CollegeW-64-4715-10 2-0Details
 145:30 PM @ Berea CollegeL-95-96 (OT)15-11 Details
 167:00 PM @ Indiana University SoutheastW-67-5916-11 Details
 216:00 PM @ University of Cincinnati-ClermontL-60-65 (OT)16-12 Details
242:00 PM vs. (3)Grace Bible CollegeW-68-5417-12 3-0Details
 Mideast Region Tournament
251:00 PM vs. (4)Johnson UniversityW-77-5718-12 4-0Details
 Mideast Region Tournament
 106:45 PM vs. (3)Randall UniversityW-75-6119-12 Details
 NCCAA II Women's National Basketball Tournament - Host: Faith Baptist Bible College
 113:00 PM vs. (1)Arlington Baptist CollegeL-70-8919-13 Details
 NCCAA II Women's National Basketball Championship - Host: Faith Baptist Bible College