KCU Knights
2016-17 Men's Basketball Schedule
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Schedule for 2016-17 Men's Basketball
 DayTime OpponentScore Record 
 18:00 PM vs. Alice Lloyd CollegeL-71-80Photo Gallery0-1 Details
 48:00 PM vs. Hiwassee CollegeW-82-701-1 Details
 Knight Classic
 53:00 PM vs. Dalton State CollegeL-52-891-2 Details
 Knight Classic
117:00 PM @ Morehead StateL-41-106 Details
 158:00 PM vs. Indiana University SoutheastL-63-1031-3 Details
192:00 PM @ University of the CumberlandsL-55-95 Details
 297:00 PM @ Indiana University SoutheastL-57-841-4 Details
18:00 PM vs. Valley Forge ChristianL-68-87Photo Gallery1-5 0-1Details
 Super 8 Classic
28:00 PM vs. Grace Bible CollegeW-79-67Photo Gallery2-5 1-1Details
 Super 8 Classic
33:00 PM vs. Johnson UniversityW-106-983-5 2-1Details
 Super 8 Classic
 67:00 PM vs. West Virginia TechL-59-813-6 Details
 95:30 PM @ Indiana University NorthwestL-57-843-7 Details
 Indiana University Kokomo Classic
 103:00 PM vs. Indiana University KokomoL-81-913-8 Details
 Indiana University Kokomo Classic
 127:00 PM vs. Hocking CollegeW-105-884-8 Details
 163:00 PM @ Lindsey WilsonL-69-954-9 Details
 Lindsey Wilson College Classic
 174:00 PM vs. Campbellsville UniversityL-72-804-10 Details
 Lindsey Wilson College Classic
 55:00 PM vs. Pensacola ChristianL-74-934-11 Details
 Piedmont International University Classic
65:00 PM vs. Valley Forge ChristianL-63-774-12 2-2Details
 Piedmont International University Classic
 73:00 PM vs. Piedmont International UniversityCanceled4-12 Details
 Piedmont International University Classic
 106:00 PM @ Alice Lloyd CollegeW-88-805-12 Details
 177:00 PM @ Berea CollegeW-94-856-12 Details
208:00 PM vs. Welch CollegeW-85-67Photo Gallery7-12 3-2Details
 2017 Winter Homecoming
213:00 PM vs. Crown CollegeCanceled7-12 3-2Details
 277:00 PM @ Simmons College of KentuckyW-69-678-12 Details
282:00 PM @ Boyce CollegeW-71-629-12 4-2Details
 44:00 PM @ Hiwassee CollegeW-80-7310-12 Details
77:00 PM vs. Boyce CollegeW-99-81Photo Gallery11-12 5-2Details
107:00 PM @ Welch CollegeW-71-5312-12 6-2Details
 147:00 PM vs. Simmons College of KentuckyW-96-82Photo Gallery13-12 Details
178:00 PM @ Johnson UniversityW-109-106 (2OT)14-12 7-2Details
182:00 PM @ Crown CollegeW-94-6415-12 8-2Details
 217:00 PM vs. Berea CollegeW-102-92 (OT)16-12 Details
244:00 PM vs. Grace Bible CollegeL-62-8916-13 8-3Details
 Mideast Region Tournament
 912:00 PM @ (2)Manhattan Christian CollegeW-82-79Photo Gallery17-13 Details
 NCCAA II Men's National Basketball Tournament - Host: Faith Baptist Bible College
 105:00 PM vs. (3)Valley Forge ChristianW-86-85 (OT)18-13 Details
 NCCAA II Men's National Basketball Tournament - Host: Faith Baptist Bible College
 117:00 PM @ (4)Randall UniversityL-76-9018-14 Details
 NCCAA II Men's National Basketball Championship - Host: Faith Baptist Bible College