KCU Knights
Photo by Duane Bolin
Photo by Duane Bolin
Men's Soccer - Wed, Oct. 11, 2017
Hiwassee College
Kentucky Christian
Hiwassee College000
Kentucky Christian Univ.4812
Grayson, KY
Scoring Summary
1 04:48Ryan Walker (Kentucky Christian Univ.)
1 16:04Dyllin Albright (Kentucky Christian Univ.)
1 19:03Brandon Miranda (Kentucky Christian Univ.)
1 44:03Abraham Mendoza (Kentucky Christian Univ.)
2 46:01Seth Bolin (Kentucky Christian Univ.)
2 56:37Jack Ham (Kentucky Christian Univ.)
2 56:37Dyllin Albright (Kentucky Christian Univ.)
2 56:37Max DeWald (Kentucky Christian Univ.)
2 60:55Ian McCash (Kentucky Christian Univ.)
2 75:17Ian McCash (Kentucky Christian Univ.)
2 76:11Abraham Mendoza (Kentucky Christian Univ.)
2 54:33Seth Bolin (Kentucky Christian Univ.)
Hiwassee CollegeIndv. LeadersKentucky Christian Univ.
NoneGoals4 Players - 2
NoneAssists #8 Jack Ham - 5
#10 Nicholas Fling - 3Shots 2 Players (#4,#7) - 7
#1 Morgan Moser - 5Saves #0 Christopher McQuistion - 4
Hiwassee CollegeTeam StatisticsKentucky Christian Univ.
7 (4)Shots (on goal) 36 (19)
7Saves 4
8Fouls 17
1Corner Kicks 2
0Offsides 7

Nine days prior to Monday's game vs. Hiwassee College the Knights played a 2-0 game vs. Hiwassee on the Tigers home field. Hiwassee's field has a very irregular playing surface so when Hiwassee came to our home turf on Monday, it was a completely different soccer game.

Dyllin Albright, Ian McCash, and Abraham Mendoza each scored two goals for the Knights and Jack Ham had five assists. KCU had a very dynamic game with 8 different goal scorers.

With their 12-0 victory over Hiwassee the Knights earned their fifth shutout of the season.

Coach Jeremy Miller had this to say, "The game was a lot of fun. I don't think Hiwassee was expecting such a lopsided game after our game a few weeks ago, but we are improving every day. I'm really looking forward to the next couple of weeks."

The Knights play Cincinnati Christian University at home on October 17th at 4:00pm.