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Men's Basketball - Thu, May 11, 2017

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Stand back. The Gauze brothers are back together on the basketball court.

Boyd County senior Alex Gauze — a physical 220-pounder — signed Tuesday with Kentucky Christian University. His brother, Conner, just wrapped up his sophomore season as one of the mainstays for the national runner-up team in Division II of the National Christian College Athletic Association.

Knights head coach Grady Lowe has already named them "Big Bull" and "Little Bull." Conner, listed at 6-4 on the KCU roster, is a little taller but Alex possesses the power and strength of a linebacker.

In recent weeks, Alex has been participating in KCU's open gym sessions on a regular basis.

"Alex and Conner get matched up about every day, and it's a good match," said Lowe, who attended the signing in Boyd County's cafeteria. "Alex is so strong. You are not going to move him. Alex does not quite have Conner's offensive moves yet, but he will be all right."

Alex appreciates the opportunity. He played primarily a backup role at Boyd County during an injury-plagued high school career.

"It's really nice knowing that you are accepted to go play in a college program," Alex said. "It's like a confidence booster. I didn't feel ready to give up basketball because of being out multiple times."

Gauze estimates that he missed half of his last five basketball seasons due to physical setbacks.

Two broken foot bones and a torn ACL followed his broken tibia as an eighth-grader. Gauze wears braces on both knees.

"He's like a tank," said Lions coach Randy Anderson, who got nicked by a Gauze knee brace during a game this season. "I'm really proud of Alex. He could have gotten mad at life. He's got a passion for living and a passion for his teammates."

Anderson joked that Conner "is going to have to toughen up" with Alex's arrival at KCU. "Honestly, they are really close, even though they would never tell you that. For those two to be together, it's just special."

Their father, Brian, played at Sheldon Clark.

Alex said the two brothers have always shared a silent rivalry.

"I love to play against him," Alex said. "It's always more intense, just fun. Like coach Lowe said, it's two bulls going at each other. It's been two years since I've gotten to do that."

Gauze contributed mainly as a rebounder and defender this season as Boyd County went 26-7, including a 64th District title. Of his 77 rebounds, 46 came on the offensive end as opponents had a hard time boxing him out.

The younger Gauze came up especially big on Senior Night. Inserted into the starting lineup, Alex posted a double-double against 15th Region contender Lawrence County. He scored a career-best 17 points on 6-for-8 shooting, even stepping outside to can three 3-pointers in four attempts.

"I've been thought of as not a shooter," Gauze said. "I'm just capable of it."

He also made 13 of 16 free throws (81.2 percent) for the season.

"Alex has always been a kid that shows up every time," Anderson said. "He never complained about not starting. He's going to bring it every day. It would be great if he can stay healthy."

Gauze carries a 3.7 GPA and plans to attend medical school. As for KCU basketball, he feels well prepared having played for Anderson.

"Coach A always had a family-first mentality," Alex said. "It helps everybody stay bonded together. He's not afraid to show that he's Christian person. Going to a Christian college, that aspect just continues."

His older brother missed several games this season with a foot stress fracture, then returned to play a major role in the Knights' stretch run.

"That's a great family," Lowe said. "We know Alex has a great work ethic coming in. That's why we're successful, these guys are very coachable."

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